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Apr 02, 2022
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People can tell a good book cover from a bad one—even if they might not take the time to mentally pick it apart. Whether the tone is off, the job title email list imagery is cheesy or the typography is just plain boring, a reader will simply move on to a novel that looks more worthy of the hours they will spend reading it. On the other hand, sometimes a cover is so job title email list thematically perfect that you could almost think it was the only cover that book could have—that cover design is simple and straightforward. But consider the amount of plates a designer has to keep spinning at once. The cover needs to be accurate, evocative, attention-grabbing and true to the book’s genre. The designer has to properly represent the book’s plot, characters, tone and style, while still leaving enough to a potential reader’s imagination for them to want to purchase the book. It needs to be trendy, modern and marketable, while not looking too much job title email list like other covers already for sale. Got all that? If not, the covers outlined below will job title email list give you some solid guidelines that make will make sure your book cover is the best it can be. 1. Focus in on one object — Out of the Box book cover Out of the Box cover. Via Meella Grieving the Loss of Love cover Grieving the Loss of Love cover. Via Meella Book cover design featuring an image of discarded flowers The simple image of discarded flowers says a lot in this cover. Via musemariah Book cover with a spooky bio-tech vibe This cover gives spooky bio-tech vibes with only job title email list a single small object on the cover. Via Cakamura DSGN Studio A good cover shouldn’t be crowded. Think about what’s important in your book and isolate an image that sums the book up. By leaving lots of space on the cover and giving only a tiny corner to the bouquet of flowers, The Ineligible Bachelorette job title email list is a great examples of how designers breathe new life into a genre like self-help. Be sure to choose an object that doesn’t send the wrong message to your audience—a knife, for example, will never not seem violent, no matter how important it might be to your romantic novel! 2. Harness the power of handwritten type — A hand-lettered book cover design A cheeky hand-lettered design by Meella.


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