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Md Rifat
Jun 14, 2022
In Fashion Forum
The advertising industry chain is extended, and traffic fraud occurs in many advertising links Driven by competitive pressure or job function email list commercial interests, advertisers, as sponsors of advertising campaigns, allow the brand to gain more display opportunities in order to complete KPI tasks or consume a large amount of competitors' advertising job function email list budgets. In order to earn more commissions, technical service providers and media platform providers will oversell traffic, mix low-quality traffic with shoddy products, or brush traffic through scripts and simulators. Especially in the form of pay-for-performance In order to complete the KPI tasks agreed with job function email list advertisers, some advertising agencies will also purchase traffic services in the form of brushing. In the mobile advertising market, there is also a special member of telecom operators. Telecom operators can use the control of the channel to forcefully insert advertisements into the downstream job function email list content or even change the advertisement creative when users surf the Internet. 3. The advertising transaction chain is not transparent, which aggravates the breeding of advertising fraud The Internet advertising industry chain has been extended. Compared with the traditional advertising industry job function email list chain, the emergence of technical service providers has made technology play a vital role in the field of Internet advertising. However, due to the limitation of technical thresholds and the consideration of job function email list data security, some technical rules and data resources in the process of Internet advertising transactions are not disclosed to advertisers and third parties, which makes the current advertising transaction chain opaque and aggravates Internet advertising cheating. the breeding of behavior.
Is Extended, and Traffic Fraud Job Function Email List content media

Md Rifat

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