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Md Saim
Jul 30, 2022
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Requirement sorting After obtaining the original needs of users, it is business email list necessary to effectively organize and convert the user language into standard demand descriptions. This is not only conducive to efficient analysis, unified language within the company, but also conducive to the effective transmission of requirements. Taking the user needs sorting of home appliances done in the previous stage as an example, after conducting home interviews with high-quality users, conduct POV to form a demand table with the following dimensions: After several household interviews, we can check the gaps and fill in the gaps, and form a sorting table suitable for our own needs. 2) Demand screening The main purpose of this stage is to merge similar items, remove the fake and keep the real and leave the real needs, organize the needs according to the professional sector, fully discuss and define the needs, and also take home appliances as an example: The extracted user needs are classified and summarized, and the interviewers are invited to score each need for urgency and universality (10-point scale), and calculate the demand degree after obtaining the average value. In this process, it is necessary to conduct in-depth discussions with all the personnel participating in the user interviews and even invite personnel from various professional sectors to discuss, or even argue. Finally, sort by importance:
The main purpose of this stage is to merge similar items, content media

Md Saim

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