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jiaur rahman
Jul 30, 2022
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Session is translated as "session", which is simply a sequence of users browsing/clicking/swiping on platforms such as APP/mini-program/official website. and web side). Analogy to the scene when shopping on an e-commerce platform, when we click and open the customer service chat box, we enter a "conversation" with the customer service, we will ask the customer service about the product or complain, and only we take the initiative to end the communication with the customer service, Or when we do not continue to send messages to the customer service for a period of time, the customer service will send a "satisfaction invitation", and the "session" will end. A series of operations and interactions on the APP after the user starts the APP can also be regarded as a "session" between the user and the APP. Even if the user temporarily puts down the mobile phone to do other things, as long as the APP is reopened later to operate, this This "session" does not end, unless the user has been away for longer than the threshold, the "session" will automatically end. Second, the significance of the existence of Session Some friends may ask, since we want to mobile number list analyze the user's behavior sequence, why not directly analyze the user's behavior chain from opening to exiting the APP and each event in the chain, but to create the concept of Session? An example is given below. In the picture above, the user opened the APP on the way to work, and then exited the APP after shopping for a while. If “open-quit APP” is simply used as the cutting criterion of the behavior sequence, the user uses the APP more deeply on the way to work than after returning home (you can calculate the number of “circles” that appear in the graph from opening the APP to exiting the APP Calculate the depth of user interaction with the APP from opening to exit). But in fact, this is not the case. The user just got up and poured a glass of water after exiting the APP for the first time, and did not end the interaction with the APP. If it is easy to draw the wrong conclusion that "the depth of use during work hours is higher than that after returning home", it will mislead business colleagues, and in severe cases, it may lead to wrong decisions.
The Magical Use of Session Analysis
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